Signs you may be dating an alcoholic

The knock-on effect of the economic ­crisis has been a dramatic increase in drug and alcohol addiction.In fact, according to a recent NHS report, one in three men and one in six women can be classified as ‘hazardous’ drinkers. Lewis and Mc Mahon say there’s a very simple test to see if you need help."This means they're building a tolerance," Rego says.Similarly, the person who gulps their drink in a few seconds as opposed to sipping it over the course of an evening or meal is also more likely to be the person with the alcohol problem.But if it represents a departure from previous behavior, or is getting worse, consider the possibility that the person may have an alcohol problem.Your social life revolves around alcohol While this might describe a large chunk of the college-attending population, it's still not a good sign.Your partner staggers home worse for wear after a night out with colleagues several times a week ...

The most obvious example is drunk driving, with more than 10,000 people in the U. In extreme cases, abusing alcohol can mean job loss, financial ruin, criminal activity and even prison time.According to standard textbooks, someone can be categorised as an alcohol abuser if, in the past 12 months, one or more of the following has occurred: So if the person you care about does fit these criteria, what can you do?Well, remember the last conversation you had about the issue.You're chronically late A person who is continually late or even a no-show, be it to social engagements, school, or work, may be abusing alcohol."If it's a coworker you might find them wildly inconsistent or becoming more absent at work," says Simon A.

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